Understandingand and connecting with universe through art and science. That way I hope to gain better understanding of reality, creating more harmonious relations and developement for myself and others.


Created: Sat Aug 27, 2011, 1:24 PM

Uuuu i just had an idea,(dancing to Rakim-Dead Can Dance and "spiritchaser")that it would be great if there would be some kind of lessons to teach how to explore yourself by combination of dancing, physical exercises, art and autoanalize etc.Maybe more a place where I could meet other people trying to explore themselvesOf course a lot of this I can find in my "real" relations but I guess that's not enough.Recently I had less and less of this "golden hours" while I felt that I'm going back to my senses,I mean feeling totally yourself, (How do I feel while dancing, being attached/completed with my body and soul, felling and generating my power of will while exercises. Generate will, power to overcome my laziness, stupidity, ignorance and fear, so I can be who I want , regardless how surrounding is influencing me –TO FEEL HOW I AM AND THROUGH THIS WHO I AMSometimes in this explorations/struggles.. It's helping me to draw rarely to write.I feel that sharing with my drawings is not enough so I want to share more. Writing is always good in trying to catch some feelings, thoughts that I would like to keep, treasure even maybe. (It will be more trike to do this in English :/ )All feel free to interact openly

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Have you thought perhaps of contemporary dancing? It can be pretty expressive and artistic.


I'm sure that contemporary dancing would be enough to awake and keep the emotion and body consciousness. But in my case dancing is not enough to climb in/turn myself to the level of consciousness that allows me to reach beyond my "usual state". Usually what works is a dynamic combination of dancing, physical exercises – mixing with each other-and this is cleaning me out /releasing me from period of time in which I'm actually am. Just then I really can be in the moment , be completely focused on here and now, what enables me to make observations that I want to catch straight away, in form of writing, sketching etc. That's why I need a freedom to make all this things together. I will get back to your comment, for which I thank you very much.


Of course for each person, something else works, this is what I'm curious about, this is why I've started this topic, which can be a source of interesting digressions.